Who hears the rippling of rivers will not utterly despair of anything. -Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 4

Hi, it's Rachel, Jon's daughter.  I'm reporting on his behalf because he and George are in an area with very spotty cellular service.  Neither of them are getting email or are able to access the internet.  Phone coverage is marginal at best (so this report may be full of mistakes since I could barely hear what Dad was saying on the other end of the phone).  They're both expecting to be more in touch soon. 

In the meantime, he asked that I post a brief update now that they are on their way.  Jon, George, and John (support crew) left Colorado on Friday, June 1st. 

They launched the boat on Sunday, June 3rd and made is across Fort Peck Reservoir in less than a day.  John then portaged them and the boat, and they launched on the river on Monday, June 4th. 

They're currently 240 miles into their trip and just completed their third day on the Missouri River.  The trip so far has been full of huge challenges as they navigate through very shallow river stretches.  But, they are settled into some routines and having a great time.

More to come from Jon in a few days....


  1. Jon, George, and all - well done. Keep up the good writing. I'm sure lots of folks are following and cheering for you. Steve

  2. Jon and George, It was great to meet you at Indian Hills Resort in ND. Looking forward to following your journey... Btw, did George ever buy you that beer Jon?